What to expect

For your first session there is an initial consultation so please arrive 5 minutes early so that your therapist may gain an understanding of your health as well as address any questions or concerns you may have. History of injuries, illness, stress or any areas that currently cause discomfort should be discussed in order to make your session its most beneficial.

After this intake, your therapist will exit the room in order for you to get undressed “to your level of comfort” after which you may place yourself under the sheets of the massage table. You may either fully undress or leave your under garments on during the session, bearing in mind that the only areas that will be exposed during treatment are the areas currently being worked on.

If at any point during the massage you feel that the pressure is too great or too little, please speak up. This is your session and we aim for “hurts so good”, not “oh my god that hurts”. At the conclusion of your session, the therapist will want to see how you feel and address any questions you may have. You may also be given a few stretches to do at home in order to continue the healing process.

At Studio Massage
  • One Hour Massage / $70
  • Hour and a Half / $90
Pre-Paid Massage Card
  • (5) One Hour Sessions  / $300
  • (5) Hour and a Half Sessions / $400
  • Refer two friends and receive a free massage
On-Site Massage
  • One Hour Massage / $100
  • Hour and a half / $130
Couples massage class on-site 
  • 2 hour couples massage class for 1 couple / $200

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted.